I&G Banavas and Iseferi: An Exclusive Partnership That Will Bring New Constructions

With our unceasing commitment to innovation and offering high quality services, I&G Banavas is pleased to announce its partnership with Iseferi, an innovative company from Kosovo. This collaboration marks the beginning of a new era in the field of earthworks, combining the technological innovation of Iseferi with the experience and dedication of I&G Banavas.

Innovative Materials from Iseferi

Iseferi brings to the fore a spectrum of innovative materials, from cement blocks with unique properties to floors that create a special aesthetic. This variety of materials allows I&G Banavas to reach its projects to new heights of quality and aesthetics.

The cement blocks we supply from Iseferi are distinguished by their excellent properties. In addition to stability and durability, they offer flexibility in design and use, but also a special beauty that we have never seen before. This means that they can be adapted to various construction needs, from traditional projects to innovative structures.

The Exclusive Partnership

I&G Banavas seals a unique agreement with Iseferi, becoming the sole supplier of Iseferi's innovative materials in Greece. This exclusive relationship is not only a collaboration between companies, but a step towards creating unique and unsurpassed projects.

Our choice to be the only supplier of Iseferi materials in the wider region enables us to create projects that stand out. Each of our constructions with Iseferi materials will bear a special stamp, giving a new dimension to the way we perceive and use the space.

Our ability to use Iseferi materials exclusively means that we will always be one step ahead of innovation. Our choice to offer unique constructions is not only a statement, but a promise for projects that will stand out in the field of earthmoving and construction work.

Innovation at I&G Banavas

With more than half a century of experience in the field of earthworks, I&G Banavas continues to demonstrate a commitment to quality, innovation, and collaboration that makes a difference.

With clients trusting our experience for more than half a century, I&G Banavas has launched new chapters in the construction field. The constant search for new materials and technologies is the pillar of our philosophy.

We continue to pioneer, evolving our expertise to bring the future into the present. And the present is a collaboration that promises constructions that will seal the future.

Start Your New Project Immediately

If you are ready to start a new innovative project, I&G Banavas is here for you. By combining our experience with Iseferi's innovative materials, we create constructions that exceed expectations.

Since 2007, our company has its headquarters on the 2nd kilometer of the Nea Moudania - Sithonia road. In a modern, privately owned facility, we create our projects with passion and commitment.

Want to discuss your ideas or start a new project? We are here for you. Contact us at +302373091566 and let us create your new build.

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