Aggregate and Construction Materials

By definition, aggregate and construction materials refer to any stone, natural or industrial material that you can use in an earthwork / engineering project. Of course the variety of materials available is enormous and the final choice comes down to your preferences.

Some of the materials you will find at our facilities in Nea Moudania, Halkidiki are:

  • Pumice

  • Pebbles of various colors and grain sizes

  • Building stones

  • Soil mixture

  • Zarzaneti

Our company undertakes the supply and transportation of the aggregates and construction materials you need at your place. Of course, our materials are also available in big bag packaging. Aggregate and construction materials are essential for the completion of any earthmoving or beautification project in your personal or professional space. Below, you will find a complete list of the materials we have available.


Aggregates and construction materials


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Aggregates and Construction Materials in Halkidiki and Northern Greece

In addition to what we already mentioned, in our facilities you will find aggregates and building materials such as:

  • River sand (Axios river) thin and thick

  • Mixed material for cement

  • Multicolored gravel

  • Multicolored pebbles

  • River pebbles for drilling constructions

  • River pebbles for playgrounds

  • River pebbles for outdoor space configuration

  • Small nature pebbles (0.4-0.8 mm) for mosaics - Click Here to see all color variations

  • Crushed material for road construction (3A)

  • Multicolored stones for zarzaneti constructions

  • Baskets for zarzaneti constructions

Of course, the comprehensive list you'll find below is constantly updated based on your own needs. We undertake the supply and transfer of small or large quantities of aggregates and construction materials in Halkidiki, but also in other prefectures of Northern Greece (Thessaloniki, Imathia, Pieria, Drama, Serres, Kilkis, and others). If you are not sure what materials you will need for your next project, do not hesitate to contact us via social media (Facebook, Instagram) or by phone at +302373091566. We are able to provide over 50 aggregates and construction materials in various colors and grain sizes.

At the same time, we know that when you order a structural or inert material, you want not only fast service, but also accurate quantity measurement. With this in mind, you will not only find a wide selection of aggregates and construction materials in our facilities. We also have a state-of-the-art, certified weighbridge that allows us to accurately weigh any quantity of material you require.

Therefore, we can guarantee that the materials arriving at your construction site in a big bag are accurately measured. From pumice and fine sand to river gravel in various colors, we have every type of material you need.

Materials List

Below you will find the list of aggregates and building materials offered by our company. The list is constantly renewed and extended, depending on your own needs. So, if the material you need is not in our offer, do not hesitate to contact us through social media or by phone at +302373091566.

Broken stone on pallet ready for building

Baskets for zarzaneti construction

River gravel for drilling

Small nature pebbles (multipurpose)

White pebbles for floor constructions

Decorative pebble

River pebble for mosaics and playgrounds

Colored pebbles

Crushed material for road construction (3A)

River pebble (1 cm - 2cm)

River pebble (3cm - 7cm)

Brittle white-brown gravel

Brittle white-brown gravel (intense colors)

De-icing salt

River sand with gravel

Green river pebbles

Gravel from river stones

Axios river washed sand (thin)

Axios sand washed (thick)

Green rocky material

Green rocky material for zarzaneti construction

Black rocky material for zarzaneti construction

Multicolored rocky material

Broken stone for building (red shades)

Broken stone for building (white shades)

Broken stone for building (grey shades)

Broken stone for building

Broken stone for building

White stone for zarzaneti construction

Grey stone for zarzaneti construction

Black stone for building

Sand (broken)

Rocky smashed material

Washed pebbles for ground decoration (colorful)

Pebbles (white-grey) for space configuration

Bench with planter

Fragile material of our choice

White stone broken (ready for building)

Washed pebbles

Red stone broken (ready for building)


Soil mixture

Decorative white pebble in various grain sizes

Decorative white pebble in various grain sizes

White stone (ready for building)

Soil stabilized floors

Luminescence road construction

Luminescence road construction

Pervious concrete

Transparent bituminous concrete

Exposed Concrete with Colorful Aggregate

Green Stone for Building

Black Stone for Building

Brown Stone for Building

Brown-White Stone for Building

White Stone for Building

Decorative Stone for Coating

Stone from Kavala

Ground Cover Material


Gravel Fragile

Pebbles for Mosaic

River Pebbles for Drilling

Pebbles for Children's Playgrounds

Gravel for Ground Cover

Anthracite Gravel

River Croc

Pebbles from Marble

Fine Sand from Axios

White Pebbles in Bags

Sand in Bags



Cement Blocks

Lime in Bags

Zarzanetti Khaki

Soil for Lawns

Stone for Rock Gardens

White Decoration Pebbles

Grey Decoration Pebbles

Black Decoration Pebbles

Red Decoration Pebbles

Karystos Stones

Arion Wood From Mount Athos

Light Brown Decoration Pebbles


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